Customers told us that having assistance in finding a tradesperson was appealing and we saw an opportunity to provide a new service that helps connect customers to local businesses. Initially, the service is being offered as a special promotion on Aucklands North Shore.

No, the service on offer is free to all residents on Auckland’s North Shore.

The service is available to residents of Auckland’s North Shore – including Genesis Energy and non-Genesis Energy customers. The offer is not available outside of Auckland’s North Shore during the initial promotional period.

Please feel free to nominate an area where you would like to see Trusted Trades in the future.

Initially, Trusted Trades is only available on Auckland’s North Shore and customer feedback will help determine if the service is rolled out to other areas.

We have met each of the recommended tradespeople in person and put them through an internal review process to ensure they meet the highest standards, this is also supported by feedback and references from a variety of independent sources.

In addition, all of our programme members are members of the relevant associations for their profession, including Master Electricians and Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers. This brings a range of additional benefits explained below, and another layer of quality assurance.

Genesis Energy has endeavored to refer only the best tradespeople, but makes no guarantee of this, or of any services ultimately provided to the customer.  Any contract entered into will be between the tradesperson and the customer directly.

Master Electricians are licensed and registered electricians who are backed by a $10,000 Workmanship Guarantee.

Members of MPGD undertake quality assurance reviews and must adhere to a code of conduct and code of practice, promoting best business practice.

In addition, MPGD provides residential customers with a 12-month guarantee to protect against loss of any advance payments in the event of the contractor’s liquidation or bankruptcy.

The Master Plumbers Guarantee also protects customers from substandard workmanship by a current Master Plumbers member, up to the value of $10,000 (refer to for more information).

Trusted Trade’s terms of service relate to a customers use of the Trusted Trades referral service.  These contain information on consumer use of the service, and the relationship between Genesis Energy and the tradespeople.

Each tradesperson has their own terms and conditions which will apply to services they provided to a customer.  They will make the customer aware of those terms and conditions.  Genesis Energy is not a party to any relationship entered between a tradeperson and a customer.

If you experience any concerns with the tradesperson or their work, the first action should be to communicate your concern directly with the tradesperson.

If you are not satisfied with the response from your tradesperson and your concern is around substandard workmanship, or a safety defect, you may report this directly to the relevant association to review (Master Electricians or Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers). This may result in the concern being rectified under the relevant warranty.

You can also provide feedback that will be reviewed by Genesis Energy. Negative feedback will be treated in a serious manner and may affect a tradespersons ongoing participation in the Trusted Trades service.

We want the Trusted Trades service to remain transparent, with fair and honest reviews. To ensure this we only accept reviews from customers who have used the service.

Your name and contact details are needed so that the selected tradesperson(s) can get in touch with you. Genesis Energy will also use it to send you a confirmation email of any requests you make through Trusted Trades, and to ask you for feedback by email which will help us maintain the high quality of the service.  Any personal information obtained by Genesis Energy will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you know of a local tradesperson that you would recommend to others in the Trusted Trades community, let us know, we would be happy to hear from you.

You can provide feedback on the service and/or a tradesperson by email to This feedback may be used for information purposes, but will not be published or used by Genesis Energy when reviewing the tradespersons participation in the service.

No, there are no additional fees for customers using the Trusted Trades service. A condition of being includes as a trade partner in the programme is that the plumbers, gasfitters and electricians charge their normal rates, so you gain all the benefits of ease and convenience in finding a tradesperson without additional cost.

At Genesis Energy we work with many fantastic electricians and gasfitters, sorting out network servicing issues and helping us with new connections. Our intention is not to exclude any quality tradespeople, however many of the services offered through Trusted Trades may not always align with the more specialized areas of expertise offered by some companies. If you think we have missed you and you offer a premium quality service, we would be happy to hear from you.

At Trusted Trades we aim to refer your request to a tradesperson at the soonest possible opportunity, however, it is not a time critical service.

If you have an electrical or gas emergency, please contact your energy retailer.  If you are a Genesis Energy customer, our emergency team can be contacted on 0800 300 400 or click here for further information.